HS Wrestler with “Mat Herpes” Preventable with GTech?

April 14th, 2016

Blake Flovin, a high school wrestler, announced that he contracted “mat herpes” while wrestling at a tournament in San Jose, but he is not the first wrestler or athlete to catch a contagious disease playing sports.

But what is being done about it?

According to the article in San Jose Mercury News, the Central Coast Section Commissioner Duane Morgan is aware of some of the problems trying to prevent the spread of the contagious diseases even though, “we’re doing what we need to be doing to protect the kids and the tournament.”

Morgan acknowledged, however, “that not all safeguards were in place at the CCS tournament at Independence High School in San Jose last month, when Blake believes he contracted the virus.”

In the end, Commissioner Morgan and other officials can do more to safeguard athletes.


The best, longest-lasting product on the market to protect athletes from germs is GTech Sport. 

GTech Antimicrobial Spray comes in five-gallon jugs that coaches and maintenance staff can use to simply spray down locker rooms and wrestling mats.  After the spray is dry, GTech protects for 15 days, killing germs like “mat herpes”—and other dangerous germs like MRSA and E.Coli.

Gyms and facilities that use GTech keep their athletes safe from infections and diseases, and prevent sickness and disease, such as this story of mat herpes.

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GTech Launches New Website

November 4th, 2015

With the help of the team at Athlete Web Design, we have recently launched our new website.

You can find our new store at the following URL: shop.gtechsport.com.  Single orders can be made on the website.  If you are a team or organization and would like to inquire about bulk orders, please give us a call at 1-866-438-2400 (1-866-GTECH-00) or by email to info@gtechsport.com.


GTech Sport launches new website and online store in November 2015.

WAKE UP CALL: Young Athletes Retiring Early

March 18th, 2015

Over the past decade, we have witnessed young professional athletes entering the prime of the their careers beginning to call it quits; competing in the sport that they love and dreamed to be part of.  Health concerns and long term effects, have begun to over take the amount of money these potential superstars would most likely make over a solid career.  “Player safety is our priority every day with our players”, is the statement that was recently released by the NFL as some of its top players and rookies have decided to hang up their cleats to have a better future elsewhere.  Is it the right decision to retire early? Is it worth it to throw away millions of dollars that will be guaranteed? Is it more so pressure to be this new age superstar? Or, is that these players just want to have a healthier lifestyle and are paying attention to those from past experiences?

Recently, the hardest hit organization with players retiring early has been the San Francisco 49ers.  7 time Pro Bowler and Team Captain Patrick Willis, decided to retire after battling through a bundle of minor injuries that became more irritating to deal with.  His replacement, Linebacker Chris Borland, also decided to retire after just one season in the NFL.  When asked on ESPN Outside The Lines, Borland stated: “I have learned and observed other players in this league and the effects from head injuries.  I don’t want to fall into that category of players that suffer from long term effects and catching it now means more to me than a career in NFL.”  Due to recent concussions hits, player safety has grown more into the spotlight of NFL athletes and has dropped 25 percent from over the past few years.  Although that is a positive, its still something that lingers among everyone.  Jason Worilds and Jake Locker also decided this offseason, to retire as these players 26 and 27 years old in the prime of their careers, felt it was best to hang it up. These potential stars and leaders in the NFL, are now at a stand still as organizations must now revise their plans to replace the productivity they both represent.

The NFL is not the only league that has had to deal with early departure of athletes.  Portland Trailblazers All Star Brandon Roy, was viewed as the new age point guard when he entered the league and with Power Forward LaMarcus Aldridge; were the cornerstones and franchise players to bring the Trailblazers back to championship forum.  Due to several knee injuries and aggressive treatments, Brandon Roy was forced to retire early in his career.  Although he tried to make a comeback with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Roy was not the same player. Realizing this at 25 years old, it was a hard task to say goodbye.  Former Duke star Jason Williams and others have become analyst at varies networks to continue having a connection with the game that they love; but realized the pressure, commitment and sacrifice wasn’t worth the risk.  As a former pro athlete myself, you endure a lot of underlined expectations to be at your very best and have to be willing to take on everything that comes your way.  Everyone has their own cap of what they can handle, and the issue is that we as fans and humans, have a hard time understanding that reality.

No matter what these young players decide, the show will still go on and bring wealth to those that invest more into it.  The questions will always remain unanswered or with answers that are tainted with prejudge notations that these players are suppose to not quit and give everything.  They are looked as cowards and guys that couldn’t hack it; yet people forget, that we the athletes volunteered and choose to play these sports and should be given the right to walk away when we see fit.  We proclaim we care about the health of others, but rather care more about the almighty dollar.


Joshua Jeremaine Horton


Jakallinc / JH85 Marketing



Little Tykes: Superstars At Young Age

March 4th, 2015

This player has the speed, instincts like a pro, ability to be one of the greatest and this kid is not even in middle school yet.  Sports in America are not what they use to be with how athletes are coming into high school already stars and well known among the masses through the use of social media.  Where they are truly discovered, is when they are just between the ages of 5 to 10 years old; before they even hit the 6th grade.  So why are we after these young tyke stars so early? Is competition really ramping up so much that we have to go after these potential future stars so early in their young careers? Who is to blame for this? Is it that parent that highlights them even before their child is one year old? Whomever we lay the responsibility on, its time to see what has transpired to create this new wave of attention to our young children.

Recently, LeBron James came out to media and requested, “We leave his 10 year old son alone.  He’s not available for recruitment at this time.”  LeBron James, Jr; is already being proclaimed as better than his father at his age.  Prince James might have a long way to go, but his name is here to stay and observed by everyone; especially Division 1 top ranked universities.   But LBJ, Jr isn’t the only little phenomenon that is polarized and displayed as a true talent at such a young age in America today.  Esquire Network runs a very well documented and creative outlook on pop warner football with their hit show “Friday Night Tykes.”  Last year, “Friday Night Tykes” debuted and caught everyone off guard and by storm; by displaying how aggressive and intense football is breed into young players at an early age in the self proclaimed home of football: Texas. By the end of the season, not only were athletes shown tested and taking risks at such young ages, but also the competitive, caring, dedicated, and loving treatment of parents and coaches.  Regardless of it all, this series gave a very in depth look at how this cultural norm has existed for decades. The confusion for most, was is the community pressuring and attempting to introduce themselves as the top dogs in football by showing loving compassion for the game and the players; or as, this is the life we live in so either accept it or keep it moving.

Nevertheless, we are all victims and suspects in this new society we live in where the achievement is greater than the risk.  Concussions and long-term health concerns are ever more present than before; but are completely ignored to achieve the goal.  So much so, that with improper treatment to injuries and quality of gear with germs and bacteria that can create infections such as MRSA; are of no concern to some parents and coaches, as long as the victory is the end results.  At the end of the day, these are kids that just want to have fun and enjoy the game in their own way.  Not pressed by the masses to be the next Tom Brady, LeBron James, Venus Williams, Sue Bird, or any other superstar living today expected to impress every hour of every day of their young lives.

At The Mercy Of Staph: Impact of Infections Among Athletes

March 2nd, 2015

Picture something or someone never leaving even when you have tried everything to get ride of that particular thing or person; simply because you have just hit your limit and can’t take it anymore. That sensation is similar to the feeling of when a staph infection, on any part of the body, wants to come be part of your existence. No matter who you are, staph doesn’t care at all; it just wants to not leave your side. According to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, “Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, types of germs commonly found on the SKIN or in the nose of even healthy individuals.” Staph infections can turn deadly if the bacteria invades deeper into your body, entering your bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart. A growing number of otherwise healthy people are developing life-threatening staph infections.

Recently, we have seen varies professional athletes and organizations fall victim to staph infections; specifically the MRSA strand. From two Tampa Bay Buccaneers players in 2013; to now NBA All-Star and Franchise Player for the Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin. Formed from a previous elbow injury that now has turned into a staph infection, Griffin was immediately removed from the team and all endorsement responsibilities. ESPN, The New York Times and The Washington Post all agree; that no matter who you are, what you try to do, or where you try to run a staph infection will catch you if you don’t take care of your body and equipment effectively. Blake Griffin will be sidelined for surgery and will need to stay away and have no form of contact with anyone and potentially a longer wait period. You never know with staph infections which way these things can go. Having a true end date is impossible to determine, because once the bacteria enters your bloodstream, all bets are off!

Maintaining a safe, healthy working and living environment not just as an athlete, but also in everyday life; is essential to avoiding prolonged medical and health concerns as you move forward each day. As many of us have seen, staph infections are the real deal and always ready to put up a fight to take you down. Blake Griffin is newly added victim to a list of many that have had to face this enemy head on, without the understanding of what to do to properly prevent this crawling evil from attacking. It is time to stand at the ready and keep not only yourself protected and destinktified, but also fresh and clean from all harmful bacteria that want to see you wrapped in this potentially deadly disease.

Joshua J. Horton



JH85 Marketing & Social Media


State of Domestic Violence & Child Abuse in Professional Sports

November 14th, 2014

Recently we have seen several acts of domestic violence in sports. The NFL has been at the forefront of it all with three Pro Bowler Caliber players in the spot light. Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and Ray Rice; are among the most recent today, but several high profile athletes in all sports, have been alleged suspects of these terrible crimes. With their issues coming to a close, what have we truly learned and received as the take home message? Domestic Violence and Child Abuse are issues that are beyond the barriers of sports, and more of a daily society issue among us here in the Untied States. Everyday young athletes see their idols wrapped up in drama that keeps them from performing and enhancing their craft to be a true example to those young ones that want to be just like them. The only real hope we all have is that no matter how many commercials are broadcast, after the fact, to prevent domestic violence and child abuse; is that we all take it to the depths of our souls and actually place ourselves in that situation to were the sensation is so strong it makes us sick to even think about. Their is absolutely no place for this ANYWHERE in our society; let alone, the one true happiness well all share: Sports.

GTech Sport TM.
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Electrifying A World: How The 2014 FIFA World Cup Has Grabbed The Attention Of All

June 23rd, 2014










In years past, The FIFA World Cup was always looked at as a global experience for all. This year, that understanding has uprisen to a whole new level for all around the world. Sponsors, vendors, television networks, investors; are all projecting this year event in Rio De Janeiro, to be the highest grossed World Cup on record. With fans and spectators on the edge of the seats are work and gymnasiums, restaurants packing out every evening, block parties across the globe in varies countries and cities; brings the question is this all just hype or something that can be sustain for the coming future.

The host country Brazil kicked of the games with a exciting victory over Croatia, as Neymar put on a stunning performance with 2 goals to lead the way. Not to be out done, the mixtures of “groups”, has brought on the most suspense of the tournament. The proclaimed “Group of Death”, with powerhouses Portugal and Ghana; along with hopefuls, Team USA and Germany, has also brought on the most air wave attention in years. With Team USA in recent years losing to Ghana and Portugal, the boys in red, white, and blue have managed to place themselves in a position to head to the knockout rounds with a win over Ghana and a heartbreaking tie with Portugal; along with an entire nation chanting “I Believe That We Will Win, I Believe That We Will Win!” Regardless, the World Cup has brought out the best in everyone, showing celebrates twitting how amazing the experience has been for everyone involved and that they hope it continues for all. At the end of the day, you can only project that this event will continue to rise each go around.

Combination of reasons and scenarios as to why this year World Cup has become such an extravaganza, could all be drawn from the events at the half way point; but then you would be starting all over once the games conclude in late July because as the match ups change each day, the suspense grows more and more. What fans want to see, is that the experience continues over time and within their own countries. International experience of futbol will always be the grandest of them all; as in Untied States, with American Football, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball, it’s difficult for soccer to carry any substance. Still, this sport has become reborn through this year FIFA World Cup, and with an overwhelming response, it is truly a grand event to be apart of!

GTech Sport (TM)
Entertainment / Promotions Director

For The Love Of The Game: Concussions in Sports

June 3rd, 2014

Bills v Chargers X












Competitors in sports are willing to risk any and everything to be one of the greatest of all-time. The problem is the effects that are felt afterwards throughout the rest of their lifetime. Over time, studies have shown how we all react to getting a concussion. Most athletes, during a game, don’t even realize they have fallen victim to receiving a concussion. Specific protocols are followed to the letter in sports today, which have lowered the risk of long term damage to those players. The question now is, is it too late for others whom deal with these issues everyday, to ever overcome this disability?

As per the definition, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a form of encephalopathy that is a progressive degenerative disease, which can currently only be definitively diagnosed postmortem, in individuals with a history of multiple concussions and other forms of head injury. There has been a recent discovery when of an exosome particle created by the brain which has been shown to contain trace proteins indicating the presence of the disease, however, a test is not yet available.

Junior Seau is one of the most recent players that has fallen victim to having being diagnosed with this disease. Seau, in May of 2012, took his own life because of mental health issues that, was claimed, to have been plaguing him during the later parts of his lifetime. It was discovered by The National Health Institute, that Seau had been dealing with CTE. Recently, more than 15 former NFL Players including Dan Marino, have filed a lawsuit against the NFL for having to deal with the log-term effects of concussions and the repercussions that have come from it. Other athletes in other sports have also dealt with CTE, particularly those who play soccer and baseball. Studies are now showing that countless headers in soccer and pitches to the head area, can now lead to increasingly concern for CTE.

Although there is now better protective equipment in sports, still the desire to have a young child develop into a potential superstar is increasing the concern for how soon they will develop CTE; if in fact, they ever suffer a concussion at such a young age. Athletes are getting stronger, faster, and better as the years go on; which increases the risk of more reckless accidents. Competitors should always be concerned for their safety and well-being before it is too late.

Joshua J. Horton
GTech Sport Promotions / Entertainment Director / Health & Wellness Consultant
GTech Sport TM.

After Dark: Why Players Continue To Get In Trouble

May 28th, 2014










“If you haven’t got her number by 1130, then it’s not happening; so go home”, is a quote stated by former NFL Player and Coach Herm Edwards every year at the NFL Rookie Symposium. Former players and coaches will all gather to teach this young players how they are expected to conduct themselves in the NFL; in hopes that they don’t follow the coward and end up in the trap that we have seen many players in different leagues, always end up in.

No matter the sport, each year we hear about professional and collegiate athletes ending up somewhere that they should have never been. The usual times we hear about this bone headed acts, usual seem to be between the hours of midnight until 4am. In the cultural we live in today, players are groomed at such a young age, that once they reach these two levels they feel that they are untouchable and will find a way to defeat the system. Jamies Winston from Florida State University was accused of raping a young woman, was found to be not associated with this woman in any shape or form. Johnny Manziel, was found cited for receiving benefits from outside sources, signing autographs and other memorabilia at a nightclub while playing at Texas A&M. Donte Stallworth is player that left a night club intoxicated beyond the league limit that hit and killed a elderly man in Miami, Florida. After the case was completed, Stallworth served 30 days in jail and paid a fine; granted he did feel a great deal of remorse and ensured that this man family was taken care of, but the fact remains, he defeated the system. A typical American would have, most likely, served 10 plus years in prison, or received the death penalty. Although, their are players that don’t get so lucky into receiving a “lighter” sentence. Aaron Hernandez, is a player currently now awaiting trail for the murder of a semi-pro player and now being indicted on charges related to a murder a year prior. Darren Shaper is currently being accused and charged with rape and domestic violence charges in varies states by women he met while being out late at night.

Regardless of the status of a player, professional athletes in most sports, seem to find themselves in a situation of some kind from being after hours. Teams have protocols in place for these types of situations; whether related to alcohol, drugs, prostitution, or other circumstances that can be viewed as illegal, but are not able to catch everything. At the end of the day, it is up to the player to take responsible for their actions, or suffer the same reality that many have seen take away the dream they yearned to have for so long.

Drafted: What To Make of The 2014 NFL Draft

May 12th, 2014












Each NFL Draft comes with something unique and exciting. Moments that can be defined as groundbreaking or having that “OMG” sensation. This year NFL Draft came with an abundance of talent and story-lines, that simply in one word can be described as, historical.

Over the years, we have seen the usual “trick or treats” at Radio City Music Hall, in New York City; which come with special sweet and sour moments for all fans, critics, spectators, analysts, and more. Those whom have come to witness just how this event will unfold. This year came with, arguably, the best and deepest quarterback class ever in the draft era. With how offenses are more spread, running backs were left in the dark for the first time in long time during the 1st Round. Lineman, on both sides of the ball, did their usual shuffle of movement throughout the weekend, but wide receivers and corners emerged as the tone setters now to keep up with those faster paced offenses. Linebackers saw a slight decrease, and as always, punters and kickers just get left where ever they may fall if needed by a franchise. What truly made this draft special, was how a kid from Texas was talked about more for going late in 1st Round at 22nd overall to the Cleveland Browns, than how a 3rd overall pick was described as a young man that should have went way later than he did to the Jacksonville Jaguars, as their potential franchise quarterback. The other questionable factor, but yet historical, came from an organization willing to embrace a young man that showed himself to the world as being openly gay. The NFL Family views the St. Louis Rams, as being completely equipped and ready to accept everything about him and help him ease his way through the issues that might come to him because of his lifestyle. Finally, seeing 27 different trades, The University of Texas not having anyone drafted since 1937, and this year being the most watched NFL Draft in history; made this weekend one of the greatest for the NFL.

Now, brings the questions: How will these young men perform? Can Johnny Manziel be the savor in Cleveland? Will Michael Sam be able to handle the pressure of people accepting him as the first openly gay player in the NFL? Will Jacksonville and Houston turn it around with their top picks? Did Buffalo make the right move trading Stevie Johnson to the San Francisco 49ers, after drafting Sammy Watkins? Tons of questions to ask and only few will be answered. The NFL Draft might have came this year at a later date; but it sure was one that will never be forgotten.

GTech Sport Media/Promotions/Athletic Performance Director

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