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Is GTech Sport safe for use around children and pets?

Yes. It leaves no residue that would be harmful to children and pets.

My bottle froze. Can I still use it?
Yes, GTech can freeze in sub-zero temperatures. If it does freeze, the product can still be used after thawing and stirring or shaking it up.

Why is EPA registration important for an antimicrobial product
like GTech?
Any product claiming to eliminate or prevent fungi, mold, or bacteria requires registration with the EPA. Registration is issued after review of efficacy data.
The EPA has unconditionally registered our technology.

Can I use bleach to get rid of the bacteria and mold on athletic gear or in my facility?
Bleach is a potent chemical and may pose health risks to users and to occupants during and after use. While bleach will kill the mold, it will not prevent the mold from returning to the cleaned surface. It may look clean, but the mold will often grow back within weeks.

Do I need to wear a mask when using GTech Sport?
GTech does not contain any VOCs. However, if you are in an area with heavy contamination or mold growth, a mask would be a good idea to limit your inhalation of harmful bacteria or mold spores.

Should I evacuate the area when using GTech Sport?
No. GTech Sport contains no ammonia, acids, bleach or VOCs. Evacuation of the area during use is not required.

My front-end loading washing machine smells moldy sometimes. Can I use GTech to get rid of the smell?
Yes! We have had many customers use GTech to treat their washing machines with success. Make sure to let GTech dry completely before you run the next load after treatment.

Can I paint over GTech?
Yes. If you wish to treat and then repaint a moldy surface, first clean the area, then apply the solution. Allow to dry for 24 hours, then paint. To prevent re-growth, retreat the painted area with GTech, making sure the paint is completely dry.

I used GTech Sport and nothing seemed to happen. Did the product work?
When GTech dries on the moldy or contaminated surface, it crushes the cells. This action is not visible, but you can be assured that it’s working. While you may be use to using bleach products that whiten the stains, this product contains no bleaches or whiteners so may require some elbow grease to remove the stains.

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