1. What is GTech Sport Spray?
GTech Sport is an antimicrobial sport spray clinically engineered to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors in footwear, sports equipment, and apparel. It protects athletes from germs that linger in gyms and locker rooms.

2. What is an antimicrobial?
Antimicrobials inhibit the growth of microorganisms, specifically pathogenic organisms.

3. What is the antimicrobial agent in GTech?
Silane Quaternary Ammonium Salt is the active ingredient in GTech. Silane is silicon and hydrogen which allow the antimicrobial (ammonium chloride) to stick on the sprayed surface and continue inhibiting the growth of germs. This is what makes GTech unique and effective.

4. How does GTech Sport Spray reduce odors?
GTech inhibits the growth of bacteria. Odor is reduced when germs can’t grow or multiply. GTech refreshes, restores, and protects everything you wear.

5. Is GTech safe to use?
GTech Sport Spray is safe and skin friendly when used as instructed (after spraying GTECH, allow everything to fully dry). In fact, GTech can help to prevent acne and skin rash irritation.

6. Why is GTech a better deodorizer than other leading products on the market? 
Air fresheners only mask odors and do not inhibit bacterial growth. Disinfectants have harmful chemicals which can cause skin and eye irritation.

7. Can GTech Sport Spray be used on other personal items? 
Yes. Police officers, fire fighters, contractors, and mechanics use GTech on their vest, boots, and helmets. GTech Sport spray can even be used in cars, schools, dorms, on carpets, furniture, and pet odors!

8. What are the instructions for using GTech?

a. Shake the bottle
b. Hold bottle 6-8 inches away
c. Spray evenly
d. Allow to fully dry
e. Do not leave equipment in a zipped bag or backpack

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