Conventional Clean

Durability – Conventional cleaners have zero extended durability profile. As soon as the chemical product is dry, the surface begins to recontaminate.

Dwell Time – Significant dwell times increase time spent cleaning and allow for recontamination.

# of Applications – Conventional cleaners have no extended durability profile. They require elevated amounts of applications, increasing your costs.

Quantity of Product – You will use 90% more product when using conventional cleaners.

Chemicals – Chemical-based antimicrobial agents poison microbes, giving them the capacity to evolve into “superbugs”. Chemicals cause skin irritation and increase occurrences of allergies.

Fumes – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) release into the air we breathe, smell terrible and make us sick.

If Ingested – Conventional cleaners can cause cold sweats, circulatory collapse, convulsions, coma, and even death.

GTech Sport

Durability – GTech’s durability profile is second to none. GTech is over 30 times more durable than conventional cleaners.

Dwell Time – GTech decreases dwell time with a 99.9% reduction of microbes on contact.

# of Applications –  GTechClean highly concentrate use less save more. On average 99% less time is spent annually on application.

Quantity of Product – Savings add up quickly with GTech. Our high durability means you buy significantly less product.*

Earth Elements – GTech’s active ingredient is organic and silane-based, physically disrupting the organism without the use of dangerous chemicals! GTech effectively electrocutes offending microbes, preventing the creation of much feared “superbugs”. With GTech no allergic reactions or harmful skin irritations will occur.

Environmentally Friendly – GTech is colorless and non-leaching, with no VOC’s or harmful chemicals.


On every point of comparison, GTech Clean is a better cleaner than anything you can buy.  GTech kills more bacteria, prevents more harmful germs, saves you money, and is less toxic for you and the environment.

Download the GTech Clean brochure to learn more about our proven technology. 

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