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GTech Products are the #1 brand trusted by teams, organizations, medical professionals, athletes and sports teams. We know the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your environment in today's difficult times.

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  • GTech Spray is incredibly active. When you are playing lacrosse as often as we are on the LXM Pro Tour, your pads quickly become intolerable. A quick spray of GTECH, post game, will eliminate odors and leave your gear feeling fresh. Whit McCarthy, LXM Pro Midfielder - Maverik United
  • We tried it around the house and it works great. It stops the smell caused by pet odors, gets the stink out of everyday shoes we don’t wear with socks, freshens up those stinky backpacks, and more. The uses seems endless…give it a try. In my home we are always looking for things to spray and are often heard saying, “G- Tech it!” This is one of those breakthrough products I am thankful to have discovered. M.H., Mother
  • As a professional athlete, personal trainer and high school head coach, I am constantly looking for products of all types to help assist my players and my own performance during pre and post training while taking care of equipment that is used daily. I have been using GTech Sport spray for sometime now, and this product is PROVEN IN EVERY-WAY! In the past, I would go through Lysol or Febreze like crazy, and in those first 30 minutes the smell seemed like it was gone but shortly after it would return. With GTech spray, I keep my weight vest, training gloves, gym bag and even my clothing odor free. All I can say is this product is awesome! It can be used on literally everythin.g J. Horton, San Ramon, CA
  • My wife plays soccer 3X a week and her shin guards stunk so bad that I pledged to buy her new ones every week. A friend introduced and gave her a small bottle of GTech. The results were immediate and the smell was gone. I thought she bought new shin guards but just a few sprays did the trick. Scott K., Battalion Fire Chief
  • G Tech has been an amazing product for my active family. My 3 kids play football, lacrosse and soccer year round. It’s the only product that has eliminated odors on our equipment and shoes. I don’t worry about the kids spraying their helmets and shin guards too because GTech doesn’t irritate their skin. M.W.
  • GTech Sport Spray is amazing! We use it at our pediatric dental practice. It is a great product to spray on our door handles, toys, and chairs to kill all the germs that our patients leave behind. We of course love our kids but sometimes they can leave behind little Minon germs that we have to get rid of. The spray also has a nice scent. We recommend GTech Sport Spray for any professional office that cares about their patients. Stephanie – Dental Office
  • Gtech is an all around excellent product! It is a product that my employees and I have used and it WORKS. Items such as this can sometimes sound “gimmicky” but once we have sold Gtech to a customer, they always come back for more and I really think that speaks for itself. Soccer Pro, Inc.
  • I play varsity high school football and needless to say we sweat really bad. My helmet, cleats, gloves, jersey, and shoulder pads are drenched with sweat, and a nasty odor after practice and games. It is actually embarrassing the smell. After trying GTech refresher and wash, all I can say is Amazing… I fell and smell more clean and protected immediately, not to mention it has helped clear up my acne. My team mates are now hooked. Mike S. Palo Alto, CA
  • My son used to get in the car after soccer and take off his cleats and shin guards, which stunk up the car. Since using GTech spray, we no longer have a smelly car. The spray works wonders! Coach Elena
  • I’m a mom of 3 very active boys and they play football and baseball. All their gear, uniforms, and sports bags smell disgusting. I received a sample bottle of GTech and decided to give it a try. I followed the instructions and sprayed everything! I literally thought it was a joke or something the smell dissipated it was amazing!!! This product really does work…”give it a try. Stephanie Jones Fremont, CA
  • My daughter is 9 years old and plays soccer 4 to 5 days a week. We started using GTech Sport spray around 4 months ago and we bought her new shin guards. After each game and practice, she sprays her cleats and shin guards and the smell of her cleats has improved. We have also used GTech spray on her jerseys in between games at tournaments. It keeps her jerseys smelling fresh rather than dirty for the next game. Stacie W. Soccer Mom, San Ramon, CA
  • This product has been amazing in keeping my vest smelling and feeling clean. I spray it on before I start to get ready for the day to make sure it has a chance to dry. I also really like using it inside my fire helmet. Again, it reduces the smell and therefore feels much cleaner. Brian G. Police officer, fire fighter and dad, San Ramon, CA

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